Is home where the heart is?

Here I am sitting in my brand new apartment in Viborg, a small Danish city, and no, it’s nowhere near Copenhagen. Compared to the hustle and bustle of Sydney, this is like being on another planet.

The amount of hours I’ve spent contemplating should I stay in Sydney or move to Denmark is no joke. In the end, Viborg won my heart. Most likely because it’s very close to where my family lives. Over the 8 years I lived in Sydney, only seeing my family once a year left me unsatisfied on a deep emotional level. It was time for me to quit thinking about what life in Denmark would be like and just bloody test it out! One thing was making the decision, the hardest bit was following through with it. The fear of the unknown is so strong, even if the unknown is your home country.

If you are faced with making a huge move – physically or metaphorically my advice to you is;

  • Don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back.
  • Visualise making the move with ease, while having fun
  • Accept that not everything will be smooth sailing – and that’s okay!
  • Realise that changing your mind later on, is perfectly okay
  • Remind yourself regularly why change was necessary
  • Huge life changes take time to manifest, give it time
  • See what new things pop into your life if you hold a space open for it

Whatever the big challenge is for you and regardless of what kind of decision you have to make, I’ll encourage you to give it some thought and then simply decide. If you think about it for too long, your mind might end up going around in circles and having a new innovative and resolving thought can become near impossible. We tend to get stuck in certain thought patterns, so don’t stay in “problem mode” for too long.

I’ve left behind some fantastic friends and connections. In exchange, I’m reconnecting with old friends and opening up to meeting new people, who can meet me where I am today in my personal development. Keep the faith and make the move!

View of Graabroedre Church and the southern lake in Viborg


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