I’m a sucker for new beginnings

Let’s get real. I’m a sucker for new beginnings and so are you. I love new books, new things, birthdays, the first of the month and spring cleaning but most of all I love the New Year! Here’s an empty space for us to fill as we please (or so it seems). 2017 you beautiful, liberating, magical thing!

However, quicker than we care to admit, we get caught up in our everyday lives, the hustle, the bustle and the stress that causes us to have a very restricted view of the world and the possibilities around us. In other words, we create a web of busyness that we get so caught up in we don’t even see it and suddenly we can get out! We feel trapped. You know the feeling right?!

That’s why I love the new year because often we have a break leading up to it where we connect with family, take time out, go out in nature for some long walks and our stress levels start to normalise again. It’s like taking off a foggy pair of glasses. Now, we begin to see more clearly which routines we enjoy and which routines are bringing us down. We connect with our joyful selves and wonder how can we spend more time next year feeling this way? Surely there’s a way.

But guess what, nothing changes unless you do. So do you have the courage to make changes in your life? To invite in more joy and say no to the web of busyness?

Are you aware of your routines? Here are a few questions for you to answer that can reveal what’s working for you at the moment and what’s not. I challenge you to find a pen and paper and ask yourself these questions now.

1. What do I love about my life at the moment?

2. What don’t I like about my life at the moment?

3. What can I do to change the bits I don’t like?

4. What can I do to bring more enjoyment to the bits I don’t like but must do this year

5. What could I say no to this year that I don’t enjoy?

6. What could I say yes to this year that I know will bring me joy?


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