The power of saying NO

I love feeding my mind and feeling inspired when discovering new ideas and passionate women out there doing that thing that makes their heart sing! From time to time, I will share blog posts and articles from such people in the hope that you will also feel their passion radiate through the screen and perhaps give them some love by leaving a comment or by following their social media accounts.

This blog is from fitness guru and kick-ass inspirational Aussie chick Edwina Cheer who left Australia to chase the American dream in LA where she is now a  Celebrity Sports Nutritionist and the author of The Mind Diet Book.
By Edwina Cheer, Celebrity Sports Nutritionist
The Power of No – Excerpt from The Mind Diet Book.

In preparation for The Mind Diet book launch – I wanted to share a little excerpt on one of the most important concepts in it – and that is: ‘The Power of No’.

Because sometimes, saying no is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. Enjoy!

Simplify and Just Say No.

Do you feel like you are burning the candle at both ends? Working all the time with no time for exercise? Rushing to drop off one child from football practice to pick up the other one to go to dance class to rush home to cook dinner? Overcommitted and exhausting yourself in the process? Always just saying yes to please others to remain agreeable and not rock the boat too much – even if it hurts your health, progress or greater goals? The solution is here!

Ladies and Genticles, it’s time to innovate your life. And it starts with you and your courage to just say no. Rediscovering your right to say no is your jump to create the focus, intention and direction you need to reach your fitness utopia. Exercising your ‘power of no’ in line with your 3W – is the fastest way to get to your destination while still being able to keep your sanity and happiness along the way. And who doesn’t want that?

One of the most common barriers to exercise and committing to a regular health plan is that old, “I have no time to exercise or eat right” excuse. But we’ve all got time. We make time for the important things we feel we deserve. As they say, we’ve all got the same 24 hours a day as Beyonce and whether we we are doing it consciously or unconsciously, we each choose where our individual time goes.

Take a look at your calendar. If you’re seeing things in there that are not contributing to the greater good of your health and wellbeing – do yourself a favor and start to say no. You know what I mean! Those lunches, those coffee meets, those meetings, those group texts. Those kitchen gossip breaks. Simplify. Prioritize. Delegate. Delete. You definitely have an hour a day to workout – even if you get up earlier or go to bed one hour later. It’s in there if you are honest with yourself, but like all of these things – if you want to see the truth, you gotta be brave enough to look.

Looking honestly will give you the chance to then take responsibility and make those changes. This is your life, people! Drink that double shot of honesty serum and have the courage to accept what you see, for exactly what it is.

I know we touched on the topic of self worth before – but it’s worth mentioning again. You are so valuable! So is your energy, your time and of course your health. They are your most valuable assets. So if you are using them to do things that do not make you better, then #DuhBecky, you have no business doing them.


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